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0wn yourself


personal restrictions

here's to removing the restrictions. breaking through the barriers that have stopped me from achieving the things i know i'm capable of.

fear can be a powerful thing, but it can also manifest that power in very subtle ways. the fear of what might happen or what might not happen, what someone might think or say can be a silent deterrent of progress.

apathy, like fear, can also grab us by the insides and prevent our actions. 'oh, well, there's nothing i can do about it anyway, so i might as well just make the best of the situation.' 'well, it doesn't really affect me or my family, so i guess it's not really my problem.'

i feel that i've let myself fall victim to both of these snares, lately, and it's something i intend to overcome. i've got a lot of ideas in me, bursting to come out, and when i let fud and apathy and distraction set in, that's not good for anyone.

it halts my growth, and it prevents anyone from benefiting from whatever it is i have to offer. so, once again, i'm picking myself up and pointing back at (what i believe) is the right direction. looking for the right thing.

if these words mean anything to you--if you've ever felt like you weren't making use of all your capabilities, i hope you can take this knowledge that you're not the only one and reinspire yourself at whatever it is that you do.

'til then.


trying to 0wn myself

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