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hackers steal at&t customers' data


here is another blazing example of how the media is only out for entertainment--not real news. and i usually like tech news world. i'm disappointed guys... :(

wanna see what kinds of things _hackers_ have _really_ been up to? go check out the h.o.p.e. conference.

hackers aren't the people who steal credit card numbers (at least not for personal gain--maybe as proof of concept or for pen testing or something). the people who steal credit card numbers are known as thieves or, a more generalized word--criminals.

now, hackers are people just like anyone else--they can be good or bad--but, unless this criminal( or criminals) figured out a clever solution to at&t's security measures--i.e. a hack (used as a clever or elegant solution to a problem)--then this person or persons is hardly a hacker.

if they used somebody else's pre-made hack to commit this caper, then there's a word for that, too--script kiddie.

some people might say that i'm making too big a deal out of this. others might suggest that they agree with me, but that we've already lost the true meaning of the word, but i believe in sticking up for what you believe in.

i also believe that articles like the above mentioned are bad for the general populace as they encourage suspicion of one of our nation's most valuable resources--creative, resourceful free thinking human beings--hackers.

i also believe that tripe like this allows unjust (and dangerous) laws extra leeway in getting passed. 'well, we've gotta stop these digital terrorists, now don't we?'

i give you the paragraph surreptitiously slipped in near the end of this article referring to movements for laws that would make it easier for corporations to conceal these sort of slip ups from their customer base.

i'm gonna stop now before i really get myself worked up, but i hope i've at least made you think a little. whether you agree with me or not, if i've done that then i have succeeded.


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