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green energy, to be precise.

actually, that wouldn't really be precise at all. but it's a start.

and dammit, at least the concept of 'alternative energy sources' are finally making their way into the spotlight. it apparently took soaring oil prices to make the general populace realize that burning oil and coal isn't a good thing.

will we do something about it now that this is becoming a buzzword?


who knows?

but articles like this one give me at least a little hope. it seems as if we might finally be paying attention to this issue (prolly for the wrong reasons, but hey--a means to an end, no?).

whether you're looking for clean energy, green energy, energy independence, the furthering of technology, hedging your bets by diversifying what methods we get our power from or any other number of reasons, looking at different sources and methods of power needs to be done, and it needs to be done soon.


0wn your energy

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