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could it be true?

so far it's just a rumor--apple merging with nintendo?

apple's a company i've got mixed feelings about, but nintendo has more or less stayed true to its consumer base. they've kept their roots strong, they didn't dick people over with prices, and they've continued to strive for creative new ways of interacting with games (motion controllers in the wii, touchscreen on the ds).

while, technologically speaking, i am an apple fan, and i'll even give them style points, but idealogically, i haven't felt at home with an apple product in a long time.

from a marketing standpoint, i think this hypothetical merger could do the nintendo name some good, but i guess that's what worries me. apple is a marketing machine and i shudder to think what would become of nintendo if this happens.

i guess we'll just have to wait and see.


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