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subpeona - not a word you wanna hear in the same sentence as google

the subpeona's have started. google, among others, have had their records subpeonaed (however you spell that) by 'federal investigators'--whatever that means.

these mysterious investigators have claimed the info they're after isn't anything personal, but this just underscores the potential for abuse of subpeonas (or illegitimate access to the massive databases that google and other massive info warehouses maintain).

if we let this happen, we'll be opening the door for more invasive uses of technology that we might end up regretting....

i've gotta give 'em shouts for refusing to comply with the order (which is cool) but it's like the eff said--if search companies (and other dataminers) keep keeping all this info, the government (and criminals) are gonna keep trying to get at it.

if you don't understand why this is a problem, go read nineteen eighty-four again.

interesting times we're living in...


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